How to improve sperm quality?

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In order to lead a life in a modern way, many men are facing problems related to their sexual life. Another thing that affects the sperm health is stress, poor nutrition and obesity. If you and your partner are planning to have a baby, then, in that case, the quality of the sperm has to be improved. In such cases it is always advised to include few foods in their diet and at the same time, you have to avoid or reduce few habits.

Low Testosterone hampers the Sex Life

In this modern era, it has been seen that many people are facing problems, especially related their sexual life. There are many men in this world, who are facing this problem, but they are unable to express their weakness with their partners. The main reason that is responsible for this problem is the tight schedule of modern life. In this way, the testosterone level in their body decreases and as a result, it leads to many problems related to sexual life. Another reason is that in order to lead a life in modern lifestyle, they are unable to maintain their proper diet in proper time. In order to overcome this problem in a natural way has been mentioned below.

Natural remedy for premature ejaculation


It has been found that many men are facing the problem with the low volume of ejaculation. And this affects the personality of men. Generally, it has been observed that the men who are more than thirty years of age, their ejaculation, or the volume or the volume of semen start decreasing. And this would affect their sexual relationship as they are unable to satisfy their partners. You may also think the love making is easy. In reality, it requires more power and stamina. Premature ejaculation generally occurs when a man ejaculates sooner during sexual intercourse than he or his partner would like. Moreover, there are many natural ways by which you can overcome this premature ejaculation. For this, you have to include certain foods in your diet, which would help you to overcome this problem. And hence, this would boost your duration of sex as well as the ejaculation time and help you to prolong your successful love life.

After becoming a father why the testosterone levels decreases

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Testosterone is generally produced within the human body. For men, this hormone is produced in the testicles, which stimulates the production of sperm as well as man’s sexual drive and also helps in building bone and muscle mass. It has been seen that the testosterone level in men decreases after the age of 35, or after becoming a father. Now the question arises is that why the testosterone level decreases, is there any way to increase its level. There are natural ways by which one can increase its level.

Essential vitamins that boost your sexual stamina

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For both husband and wife sexual health is important for the everlasting relationship. It is a natural desire for every man to have more stamina as well as sexual power than their partner. Generally, the sexual stamina of the men decreases due to ageing, low level of testosterone or hormonal imbalance, low level of endurance, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation etc. And as a result, men get embarrassed if they are unable to satisfy their partners. But now there is nothing to worry as here are the lists of essential vitamins which play an important role to enhance your sexual stamina.