Foods to increase sperm count

foods to increase sperm count
Sperm count is known to be one of the most important factors in male fertility. Till now whatever the researchers has found, it only shows that due to low sperm count half of infertility issues comes in couple. It is considered that sperm count more than 15 million sperms per milliliters are normal and this is according to the World health Organization. However ways are there to increase sperm count if men wants. Intake of several foods will help you to get out of this issue. Some of the foods are mentioned below which can help to increase sperm count.

Herbal Supplements to treat early discharge of Semen

treat early discharge of semen
Have you ever come across early discharge of semen? Have you ever tried to know about the reason behind early discharge is or why men are unable to last longer in bed? You will find many men who face the problem of early discharge of semen and due to this; all the pleasure of love making becomes faded. They want to last longer in bed and want to satisfy their partner but they can’t. Due to this, there is a distance created between couples and theyb don’t know how to solve this issue. Generally it has been seen that those men who get themselves engaged in lots of pleasure by imaging or watching movies, they damage their own nerves system of the reproductive organs. Because of such action, sexual weakness arises and early discharge of semen takes place.