Foods responsible for increasing Penis Size and Erection Strength

foods to increase penis size
Food plays an important role in keeping a person’s body fit and healthy. Each and every food that we take in our diet has their own importance in benefiting our body. Same is the case with men who are facing problems with their penis size as well as the strength of their erection. This problem can be eliminated by adding food to their diet that boosts the blood flow and, as a result, increasing the size of the penis as well as erection strength. Here are the lists of foods that would help you to overcome this issue.

Herb Pasta: Generally pasta contains lots of carbs and, as a result, it would help in erection strength and at the same time increase your energy.

Cloves: In India, it is generally found in spices and forms a part of it. It is used while cooking food. Clove helps in increasing the body temperature and as a result, it increases the blood flow in your penis.

Whole Grains: It plays an important part in having harder and powerful erection as it has a lot of carbs content in it. It is a fibrous food and helps you in increasing your erection and improves your body health.

Fennel Seeds: It is an essential food and it should be included in our diet. As it helps in stronger erection and at the same time it cleans the toxins and other residues from the body. So this is very important to keep your body fit and healthy. 

Saffron: This food helps in increasing the libido for both men and women. It helps in getting relief from any pain in the body and at the same time helps men with the stronger erection. 

Seeds and Nuts: Generally nuts have high-fat content that helps in producing cholesterol in the body, and these cholesterols are used by the sex hormones to function better. There are many nuts like pumpkin seeds, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, etc. So men should add these foods in their diet in order to get a stronger erection.

By including these foods in your diet, it would help you to get the stronger erection and at the same time increase the penis size. There are many products available in the market that would help you to increase the penis size and stronger erection. And VigRx Plus is one of them. It is made from natural supplements so there are no chances for any side effects and, as a result, helps you to increase the size as well as its strength.


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