Best Oral Sex Tips for Giving Pleasure to your Partner

Oral sex is a kind of warm sex act which many individuals love to have it. Many couples enjoy with oral sex and in fact doing oral enjoys lots of people. The reason behind the enjoyment of oral sex is that oral sex triggers several feelings of vulnerability and also one of the best ways to come close to your partner and her sensitive parts.

However oral sex means that it is the most pleasurable and orgasmic sex act and so it becomes important to know oral sex tips so that you can have an enjoyable sexual act with your partner. So here you will get some of the best oral sex tips which can really make your day with your partner interesting.

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Oral sex tips

There are some oral sex tips which are really beneficial for both couples. They include:

•    Never make your love suffer under the sheets during going down

•    Put a pillow under your partners hip so that you can get her pelvis in better way

•    Try to make your partner put her legs on your shoulders while classic oral sex position

•    Get her into a perfect position which is comfortable for both

•    Start from the top and don’t rush while doing oral sex


The tips mentioned above are really helpful and if you follow them then obviously you will have a satisfying sexual pleasure with your partner. Before going for oral sex, always focus on your partner’s satisfaction and then you can see the difference. You will love the way your partner will react to your oral sex and your love life will be enjoying successful.


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